Solar System Story

How do you imagine our Solar system?

We all have images in our head. Eight planets different size in a row. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
But here is the truth about their size, distance from the Sun and distance between them. I calculated and turn them into reallife objects, so you can easier imagine them.

Earth will be ball for pilates. 
Let's take that diameter - R = 1m

If we have pilates ball laying on a field, the Sun is about 11,7km (7,2 miles) far and size of a Soccer stadium (Camp nou - Barcelona)!

Whole Solar system in reallife objects

You liked example up here? Check this out!

- will be that Soccer stadium - Camp Nou 

Mercury will be a beach ball, 4,7km (2,9 miles) far.

Venus will be average TV, 8 km     (4,9 miles) far.

Earth - you know, pilates ball 11,7 km (7,2 miles) far.

Mars - average PC monitor, 16,8 km from Camp Nou.

Jupiter - Building, three story building, 61 km (37,9 miles) away, thats not even Barcelona anymore. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar system, so don't expect bigger planets than three story building!

Saturn - Average house with one story (about 9 m high), but now 118,6 km (73,7 miles). That is far! Don't remember that Earth is just a pilates ball!

Uranus - Small car, maybe Toyota Aygo, or Citroen C1. 220,6 km (137 miles) far. 

Neptune - Grizzly bear! Be bear aware! Neptune will be size of Grizzly bear, but dont be afraid if you are the Sun, bear will be 352,1 km (218,7 miles) far away from you! You are safe!

  Neptune       Uranus            Saturn          Jupiter          Mars          Earth       Venus     Mercury           Sun